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Why UK Companies Go for Integration

Why UK Companies Go for Integration

There has never been a lifetime in history where doing business has ever been this easy. Thanks to technology, many companies today are embracing e-commerce to the extent of integrating their real stores to their online stores. This way, a business develops an omnichannel retail system that is capable of managing both the stores. As powerful as it sounds, integration is something that is very common with companies in the UK which are targeting the global market. Some of the ways which integration works include;

  • Allow your shopper to buy from you online

One of the main reasons why integration is the future is because it links your brick and mortar store to your website. This way your online customers can still order from your real store. By expanding customer reach online, you will be penetrating new markets. The good thing about selling online is that you never know who your customer is and which part of the world they live in.

  • Improve your brick and mortar store

While running a regular shop requires less complicated inventory system, it is effortless to make losses with products getting lost without being accounted for. While this might be unavoidable, you should know that integrating your business using a trusted platform like Shopify will improve your inventory management experience. With straight forward and accurate inventory system, Shopify will allow you to manage both your stores from a single dashboard where every activity affecting the inventory will be recorded and stored.

  • Simplifies work for you

Choosing the right e-commerce platform will solve a lot of problems for you in the future. From a customizable management system to high integration capabilities, you require an e-commerce platform that is flexible to trending changes in the market. The fact that you will be able to monitor every activity from a single dashboard is also a great relief. With an e-commerce platform like Shopify, you will be able to log in from any browser and access all this information.


For any business to survive in the UK market, it has to consider integration. That is why even companies that existed before the internet are today using the platform to increase their market reach. To avoid your business from being limited to how much it can grow, it is imperative that you work with the right e-commerce platform. For most UK companies, Shopify has been the best option so far. With features like easy to use dashboard, you can start your e-commerce journey right now with Shopify free for 14 days.

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